ORINDO is a contracting company for Civil, Mechanical and Electrical in all of Industrial and Building Segment including Mining, Oil and Gas and etc.

During the course of our establishment, we have persistently striven to exist, to stay competitive in the market, and to grow steadily. It is indicated and proven by company business tracks and by the growing number of clients entrusting us to carry out their significant projects for many years. With our commitment, experiences, and technical skills, we had achieved the successful completion in term of qualities, services, and performances within specified time and budget of each and every project given to us.


  • As the reliable contracting, the system integrator and supplier that support our clients in achieving their goals.


  • To provide best quality results, products, spare parts, and systems for industrial and building solution.
  • To deliver superior services in industrial automation and control.
  • To serve our clients with competitive advantage and reduction cost of the production line.